DU-NA-TÚRA Öko- és Fesztiválturisztikai Klaszter for Sustainability

The members of The DU-NA-TÚRA Öko- és Fesztiválturisztikai Klaszter are tourism companies and event tourism operators who are committed to sustainable tourism. They believe that the enviroment-friendly operation is essential for the economic-, enviromental- and social sustainability.

The claster is designed to serve as a collaboration platform which helps the development and  implementation of sustainable cooperations and projects. These cooperations and projects are featured by the followings:

  • parties involved in the project develop environmental awareness,
  • the aim is to reduce the environmental impact of tourism,
  • successful operation of actors involved in the project

The project is waiting for anybody who is interested. Our Contact can be found under the Contacts menu.

Key data of the project:

Project Title: The DU-NA-TOUR Ecological and tourism festival Cluster Development for Sustainability

The budget of the project: 15,015,100 Ft

Beneficiary Name: Water, Music, Flower Festival Nonprofit Services Ltd.

/The project is running between : 01.10.2013-31.03.2015

The start and end of the project are: 01.10.2013-31.03.2015/

Project ID: KDOP-2.2.1/A-12-2012-0010

The project is funded by the EU, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed by the ERDF.